Our Time pt. 1

       What is a journey and how do we know it has begun? A journey is defined as ‘the act of traveling from one place to another’, meaning that if you travel from point A, say your house, to point B, work or the grocery store and back to point A, that is a journey. Does that really feel like a journey……..traveling to work or the store and back home? For me it seems hard to believe a real journey is a quick trip from point A to point B, it just feels like there should be so much more to the very word JOURNEY.

One day I was sitting in my house thinking about where humans came from and what is our purpose. I know, that same old question about where we came from and what were doing and all that nonsense. Where are all the answers to these questions and how do we obtain it, if they really do exist?

Maybe the answer (or answers) are not that hard to find. Maybe they lie within our own selves. In the way we interact on this planet to ourselves, to others around us. To each and every creature that has taken life upon our beautifully breathtaking planet.

Our expedition as humans has been one of a very short time. And in the amount of time given thus far, look at all we have done. We have came and destroyed the beauty in the world. We have taken the planet and everything on it for granted. We have lost sight in our true journey.


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