….Girl Time….

     Girl time, the time when us girls sit around with our glasses of wine telling each other about what our plans are, weekly things we have done, right? Well I guess I wouldn’t know that much. I don’t have many, and I mean like none, girl friends. Most of my time is spent by myself or with my husband. I go to work and I do “normal” people things most of the time. But as I come closer to being a quarter-of-a-century years old, I’ve had this yearning for some MAJOR girl time!

      Honestly I am not sure why. I’ve never been the one who wants to go out and shop, or grab lunch/dinner, or go to the spa, or whatever it may be that most women do in their time with each other. I come from a smaller place where most everyone are either a full blown alcoholic gambler who spends most of their time in a bar or casino, or they are parents (and usually with 2+ kids), or just some people are not worth my time. So what do I do?

     I just want a girl friend to talk to, about women things. I want someone to go shopping with, that wont let me dress myself as an idiot….or slut. I want a friend that will help me with the most girly of girly things like what make-ups to buy, or the best accessories that are out there.  But I also want a friend that can see through the superficial shit and accept me for me, even the days I don’t want to get “pretty.”

I know there is another girl out there that just wants a friend like that too….so here I am! (and no I am not a lesbian)


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