First Blog…..

Well today is the day, I became an adult and decided to join the rest of my friends in the “BLOG WORLD”. Actually, I don’t have that many friends, not in real life and especially not online. I honestly started this blog because I was bored at home. Yea I could have worked on a few projects, watched some tv, maybe I could have done some cooking or cleaning, gone for a walk but I decided to sit here and  write.

So a few things I guess I should say, I want to write about who I think I am and what I have to offer in the blog world.  All I have to offer is my own spin on life and how  I manage day-to-day, week to week. I want to share the new crochet pattern that I may be working on, or the new recipe that I came up with or one I just have to share. Maybe I want to go on a rant and don’t have anyone to rant to.  In truly so all I want is to spread information on the things that I know, learning and have already experienced while I  find a new way to obtain other people’s experiences. I want to know what all of you are thinking as well as my own thoughts.

So for now I leave you with just a bit of what is to come……..

Thanks for reading and I do hope you all continue to keep with me on this new adventure of blog life.


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